The Fear

March 18, 2014


I’ve not been coping well lately. The boys have been ill, Nate has been really ill I worry, I worry to much. And Hugo, any little thing, Im on the edge I am so so scared that something is going to happen. That he will get poorly again That one of them will be taken […]

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Letters to Matilda Mae

February 2, 2014


Dear Tilda. I have been trying all week to think of how I was going to write this letter and I almost gave up. I just can’t seem to find the words for what i would like to say, to let you know just how much you have given me, how special you are and […]

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Sealed with a kiss : 2013

December 31, 2013


2013 has been one hell of a year. The start was hectic with Hugo being so ill and the remaining journey has taught me so much. Hugo is a fighter, he was left with problems following his illness but he is the happiest little boy you will ever meet and that’s all I ever want […]

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December 21, 2013


I often wonder when I will stop worrying. When these irrational thoughts will go away. I know it seems crazy but I am still so scared that Hugo will get ill again. The last week he had a sickness bug (as did all the boys) After a couple of days he was well again but […]

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One year on…

December 1, 2013


So today is the 1st of December. Last year I was so so happy, two weeks before my due date thinking we would have the perfect xmas and new year with our new addition. How wrong could I be, 10 days overdue Hugo arrived on the 23rd, I spent xmas day tired, sore, mardy – […]

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Today – My little star

November 19, 2013


Today was Hugo’s Immunolgy appointment. As explained yesterday this is the first time Hugo has been seen by them since he had septacemia. The Dr checked him over and went over all his results from the previous visits and was very very pleased with him. His weight is on the 91st centile and height still […]

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November 18, 2013


Well it seems I have become a bit of a lazy blogger, shame on me! Life the boys and the business are taking up all my time at the moment but I still have this little space for when I need to just get the thoughts out of my head. Tomorrow Hugo will be attending […]

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