Can I get a woop woop!

Posted on March 22, 2012


Yesterday was a good day!, yesterday was a brilliant day 🙂

Why???  Because my company, the company that I (and my family) have worked so hard on won a #WOW award.

#WOW or Women on Wednesday is a campaign which was launched by Jacqueline Gold (CEO of Anne Summers) on twitter to support women who have started their own business.

Every Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm Jacqueline asks women with businesses to tweet her an overview of their company and a link to their website, she then personally selects her favourite 3 and retweets to all her followers.
This is then followed up with a tweet explaining why each business was chosen, this is why she chose me.

@Jacqueline_Gold@KyNaBoutique has a great website offering organic yet fashionable clothing for children – makes a parents life a lot easier!

If you want to know more about #WOW here is a link to an interview with Jacqueline

So thank you to everyone who has supported me, and thank you to Jacqueline for showing recognition for what I do.

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