The Muppets.

Posted on March 24, 2012


Today we took Kyle and some of his friends to the cinema for his birthday treat. He had been wanting to watch “The Muppets” for a while so it was no surprise that this is what they chose to watch.


The Muppets is an American musical comedy film and I have to admit its not what I expected at all, actually I didn’t know what to expect!

It has a great cast, with the likes of Jack Black( Kung Fu Panda), Jason Segel (I love you man), Amy Adams (Enchanted) and many more big comedy names dropping in.

The film is about Walter, who is the worlds biggest Muppet fan, his brother and his brothers girlfriend trying to raise $10million to save the Muppet theatre from evil businessman Tex Richman.

The boys really enjoyed it and you could see them dancing away in their seats, so for children its a must. From an adult perspective (and yes I’m classing myself as an adult here!) the film was slow to get going and very cheesy, but if you want a bit of light hearted easy watching then this is spot on.

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