Live Life!

Posted on March 31, 2012


Today is a bit of a sad day for me, so I will sulk, be a bit moody & generally not feel like doing anything.
Tomorrow I will pick myself back up and remember life is for living and that is what I intend to do every day of mine!

4 years ago a very good friend took his life, he had got himself into debt and couldn’t see a way out.  We all knew he was struggling and offered him as much support as we could, I don’t think any of us realized that it had got so bad.

He called me that day and I didn’t answer my phone, I was busy doing something with Kyle. When I called him back there was no  answer so I left him a message. I don’t think I will ever forgive myself for not seeing his call earlier or going round to check on him that evening.

I thought I was strong enough to right this post and to share more with you all, but I have to admit I’m struggling, sorry.

One thing that this has taught me is to live your life everyday, make sure it is full and complete. If you are down or struggling there is always someone there for you, don’t ever think your on your own.

Im gonna sign off now, normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


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