Somethings in life are sent to test us…

Posted on April 12, 2012


On Easter Monday I had lots of lovely things planned, like doing nothing, chilling out in front of the TV, eating chocolate and resting following my manic few days in Kent, Lincoln and Leeds. (note to self: don’t arrange everything for the same weekend)

What I didn’t expect was this:

You see I woke up & my face felt different, it was tight and was a struggle to talk. When I looked in the mirror I was shocked at what was looking back at me, I cried.

One side of may face was completely motionless, it didn’t smile back at me, or blink or anything. I knew then what was wrong as my father has been paralysed in one side of his face since he was 15. He had an attack of Bells Palsy and had never recovered. I was scared.

I called the emergency doctor as I wasn’t sure whether I needed a doctor or A&E. They went through a few checks with me but were concerned as I couldn’t talk very well (this was due to my mouth not moving very well).  The lady told me she wanted to send an ambulance for me & was concerned I might be having a stroke, I cried some more, I didn’t feel like I was having a stroke, but then how would I know what it feels like?

An ambulance and paramedic where here within 5 minutes – (actually when they arrived I was straightening my hair (Priorities in order!), I may look funny but I can still look my best!

They did some tests and asked loads of questions before taking me into hospital. My mum had also just arrived to look after the children, when I saw her I cried again.

The hospital staff were fantastic and after doing all the initial checks to make sure that I wasn’t having a stroke I was left to wait to see the doctor. The doctor confirmed that I was having an attack of Bells Palsy & that it is common to run in the family. Luckily we caught it early so he was hopeful that I would have some recovery. He prescribed me some meds and a follow-up appointment and sent me on my way.

I cried pretty much for the rest of the day, I’m a vain person and this was my face! How could I face the world not being able to smile. I’ve hidden away for two days while I come to terms with it, but today I feel brighter. I know it will get better, I’m just hoping I make a full recovery.

Until then I will focus on the positives:

1. I look like a celeb always wearing sunglasses (My eye doesn’t close so it’s very sensitive to light), people are going to wonder who I am, and I’m really working the pout!

2. I struggle to eat a lot of food so instant weight loss!

3. I can however manage chocolate as it melts in my mouth – bonus!

4. I do a mean pirate impression, K thinks its fab and is gutted he can’t master the scowl.

5. I have more flowers than vases now! That’s a first 🙂

I will keep you updated on my progress and any improvements now that im feeling a bit better about it all.

If you can find out more about Bells Palsy here.

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