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Posted on April 16, 2012


I was tagged by the beautiful Bex over at BusyBee in a meme about the 3 things as a mummy you would like seen in ‘room 101’.

I thought I was quite laid back really but it seems I do have a few frustrations, so a perfect opportunity to get them off my chest.

1. People who park in parent and child spaces who don’t have children! Jeez this really frustrates me, if it was a disabled spot they would be given a fine, and the fact that there are only ever about 5 spaces, is well, just silly. We don’t need them to be close to where we are going just the extra room to get the children out.

2. People who spend a fortune on themselves but not on their children. I don’t like to see someone with the latest designer accessories and then their children walking round with holes in their shoes or clothes that are clearly to small for them. I know we all have budgets to stick to, especially in today’s climate but if you can afford nice stuff for yourself then you can make sure your children are adequatley cared for.

3. Shops that are so not child friendly. They pop rails and boxes all over the place making it impossible to navigate with a pushchair, and then when you do manage to get round they have put chocolate at the till, perfect for tempting little fingers. Thank god for internet shopping I say!

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