Chao Baby – Thai Restaurant.

Posted on April 20, 2012


This week I have been stopping with my parents while my house was being decorated, so it seemed a perfect opportunity to pop out for a meal with Mr M and give the grandparents some quality time with the kids.

We have been wanting to visit Chao Baby since it opened, but have been unable to with the children. They do have a child option but its the same food just priced different and its not something my boys would willingly eat.

They describe themselves as ” A Thai-banquet style experience, replicating Thailands street market culture”

We had the popular buffet option at £12.95 a person (£7.95 per child under 8)
There was a small choice of starters, I opted for the Chicken curry soup and crispy noodles which was to die for!

I then had a bit of everything, it would be rude not to right?? Thai roast pork, butter battered chicken, slow braised pork, jasmine rice, egg fried rice – yummy!

Instead of a dessert I went back for more Chicken curry soup, I know Im a greedy bum!.

In my opinion the food was good, the service was fantastic but I would have liked more choice on the “banquet” for £12.95.

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