Bells Palsy – Onwards and Upwards

Posted on April 23, 2012


It has now been exactly two weeks since Bells Palsy struck. Following my consultant appointment last week my face has made huge improvements, I mean it actually moves and smiles!! Its far from normal, my eye is a little fixed and my smile isn’t complete. But if you didn’t know I had been unwell you wouldn’t tell just by looking at me.

Today was Nate’s music bugs class which I have been dreading, confined space with a group of people, they are sure to notice I look a little strange!

After much deliberation I decided to go, Nate really enjoyed it and I have to admit I quite liked getting out of the house.  I felt like my face was huge and I was very aware of it,  but nobody seemed to look. I even joined in with the singing.

So this week I am on a mission to face people, starting with a hair appointment tomorrow – I deserve a bit of pampering after all. xx

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