Getting somewhere – At last.

Posted on May 18, 2012


Those of you who have read my tweets know that over the last year I have struggled with Nate and recurring chest infections/ wheezing.

It all started last summer when he was diagnosed with hayfever – at first it was just sore eyes which meant the joyful task of having to pin him down an pop eye drops in 3 times a day (Not easy to do to a 1 yr old)

It then went on to chest wheezes and coughs that would linger on for weeks at a time.  Every time I took him to the Doctor I was given the same response “Children get cough’s” “Its not on his chest” “There is no wheeze now” Im  sure they thought I was some psycho mum, constantly taking him for check ups.

You see I knew what it was, Asthma runs in the family, both myself and my husband have it along with our eldest son Kyle. I know how it works, coughing, wheezing at night and early morning that seems better mid afternoon only to be back again in the evening. Which if its not treated turns into a chest infection.

I also understand that for a Doctor it is very hard to diagnose a child with Asthma under 4 yrs old as their lungs aren’t fully developed. I don’t however believe that a mother should be ignored at each visit or concerns brushed under a carpet.

It has taken me a year or battling with Doctors to finally get Nate some treatment. He hasn’t been diagnosed as having Asthma as I mentioned before it is hard to do before 4. However the Doctor has agreed that it is highly likely that he has the condition.

He was prescribed an inhaler which he now takes every day and his cough/wheeze has completely cleared up.  The Doctor has also added him to the Asthma review list with the nurse so he will get regular check ups.

Have you ever felt like your being ignored? Have you felt like your being treated as an over -protective parent?



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