Baby No 3

Posted on June 1, 2012


Well as most of you have probably seen now we are expecting our third baby on 15th December 2012 – Eeeek!

I don’t normally wait until the 12 week scan to let people know, actually people can normally tell as with my last two pregnancies morning sickness had been a killer!

This one has been a bit different so far – firstly there was the Bells Palsy at the beginning, I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time and was taking a lot of medication. This was my main concern as to whether it had affected anything so was the main reason why I waited to officially announce.

Secondly, I have had morning sickness but nothing in comparison to with the boys, (I was in hospital with both in the early stages) So it made me worry whether everything was actually ok.

After a lot of checks today I’m now comfortable that everything is ok so I’m going to enjoy my pregnancy and look forward to meeting my new baby in December 🙂

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