Pregnancy diary – Week 1-12

Posted on June 7, 2012


Eeek! Im having another baby 🙂

I decided that I was going to write down my experiences throughout this one to remind me not to do it again, its all to easy to forget once you have a perfect little baby in your arms.

I found out I was pregnant two weeks after being hit by Bells Palsy – this led to mixed emotions, was so happy and yet scared, I had after all been taking lots of medication so before I told anyone I rang the pharmacist.

He told me to take it easy as the drugs won’t necessarily do any damage but do increase the chance of miscarriage – from that moment on I have really slowed down and taken it easy.

The morning sickness hasn’t been to bad, I mean with the boys it was constant and really got me down but this is different. I seem to be queezy now and again but smells really set me off. Maybe this is how its supposed to be? I have been feeling very tired though.

I found trying to hide the bump hard, third time round its clearly visible and some of the school mums have noticed. Hope this doesn’t mean Im going to be huge!.

Going for the scan made me very nervous, Sounds silly but as I hadn’t been as ill as previously I wasn’t sure that there was something in there. Huge relief to see my lil blob and know that everything was ok. Even better to be able to tell Kyle, he is a fab brother already and I know he will be just as good again.

Im looking forward to this journey and tracking it here on the way – roll on December.

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