Postage prices!

Posted on June 13, 2012


I’m a big fan of internet shopping, I love looking round sites picking and choosing with no pressure, no queues, no children to try and control – bliss. Or it was until recently.

Over the past few weeks I have become increasingly frustrated with the postage charges that some companies impose.

Owning my own company I have a pretty good understanding of how much postage for certain items should cost.

This week alone I have come across 3 companies who are charging £4.95 for delivery of something that could be sent to me for £1.20 Via the royal mail, £2.70 at their most expensive rate.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying the going rate and totally understand that some things cost more than others to be posted – a pair of shoes for example is bulkier so would be more than say a top. But I’m not going to pay over the odds!

Here is a brief guide to costs to help you when shopping online.

If the item you are ordering will fit inside and A4 sized envelope/ mailing bag, can easily be pushed through your letter box and weighs less than 100g  it should cost you £1.20 to send first class.

The maximum cost for something that easily fits through your postbox (with a maximum weight of 750g) is £2.30.

If your item needs to be sent as a package (is bigger than and A4 Envelope,  to bulky to be easily posted) Then the prices start at £2.70 for up to 750g.

Its only when you start buying heavy bulky items that the prices are above £4.00.

Here is a link to the Royal Mail personal customer 2012 prices so you can compare for yourself when ordering online

What are your thoughts?

Do you get frustrated with postage prices?


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