Pregnancy Diary – Weeks 12-16

Posted on July 2, 2012


I’m now well into my 16th week and am starting to grow a MASSIVE bump, well it feels massive to me anyway.

12 week bump

16 week bump

The morning sickness is much better, certain smells set me off and if I overdo it I certainly know about it, the tiredness however is getting worse so I’m off to the midwife to determine whether I need some Iron tablets.

I’ve been feeling stronger fluttering’s, which are very exciting and I cant wait for the first big kicks. (Im sure I wont be saying that when its playing football in there!)

I’ve also been having real blue days, I never experienced baby blues with the boys so this has come as quite a surprise and to be honest is a little bit annoying. I have so much to look forward to, but some days its been a struggle to see the light at the end. (Don’t worry, I’ve spoken to the midwife about this to)

I’m hoping this will disappear after my 20 week scan when I know the sex of the baby. At least then I won’t have the what if’s and will be in a clear position around the risk of another premature birth.

Oooh did I mention I know have my double buggy 🙂 A lovely shiny iCandy Pear, which is the only thing I really “need” for this baby, however I’m sure a few extra bits will be purchased.

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