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Posted on August 7, 2012


The little man wasn’t playing ball this week so I’m sorry for the quality of the pictures.

We are well into the school holidays now and I had been planning on writing about all the fun we have been having in the sun, however the sun keeps hiding. We have still been having fun, just having to use our imagination a little bit more!

Today we had a book sharing day – which actually only lasted about 15 minutes before the boys decided they wanted the same book and started wrestling instead.

Here is Nate before all the commotion!

And one just after …  he he, not a happy boy!

Hat: One of daddy’s
Top: Johnny Cash by Dyno
Trousers: Indikidual wriggles leggings from KyNa Boutique

The leggings/ lounge pants that Nate is wearing are my fave at the moment. They are so different from what is currently out there for boys and look so cool!


Please head over to medicated follower of fashion and check out some more toddler style.

Disclosure: KyNa Boutique is a company owned by myself. 

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