25 weeks ….eeek!

Posted on August 31, 2012


Its been well over a week since I last blogged, sorry, been on a little holiday. Will share more on that later.

But first – Im 25 weeks!  wow how did that happen. It seems I have been so caught up in being busy that it has just crept up on me.

So here it is ….


…. My 25 week bump

I have to admit I ma quite big now, this is how big I ever got with K and about my 32 week bump with N so i’m getting a little worried about how much more I will grow.

I haven’t put much weight on, just all bump. This I am happy about :). Especially as I have been consuming A LOT of chocolate recently.

Its started to get hard to put socks etc on and there is no way I can look stylish in my maternity leggings so you wont be seeing many outfit pictures of me.

But you know what, Im beginning to enjoy it and a number 4 has crossed my mind …….  but lets focus on this one now – he he.

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