Starting Pre School

Posted on September 13, 2012


My baby is growing up to fast!  This week N started Pre-school.

Our local authority only have one intake per year for school/ nursery etc so they start the September after their 2nd birthday. For N this was 3 days after his 2nd birthday 😦 .

I wasn’t to concerned about him fitting in as he is quite a sociable little boy and very much a boys boy, so I know he can stick up for himself. Actually I’m sometimes concerned that he is a bit to rough with other children!

At his settling in sessions he was fine, I remained in the room but wasn’t with him. He played with the other children, pinched all the grapes at snack time and really enjoyed himself.

So this week when I took him and left him for the first time I wasn’t concerned at all. I gave him a kiss, said goodbye and left him playing.

Apparently it had taken him an hour to notice I wasn’t there, and then the tears came. He did settle again but was emotional for the rest of the session. When I fetched him he ran to me and start crying, he has never held me so tightly.

Today I took him again, he was fine until it was time for me to go, then his Key worked had to come and take over.  He settled after 30 mins and again was a bit emotional until I fetched him, when again he cried and held me so tight.

It makes me feel so guilty and is really hard to leave him, but I know in a months time it will be a different story and when I ask him if he had a good time and wants to go back he always says “yes” so it cant be that bad!

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