28 Weeks – Nervous

Posted on September 22, 2012


Today I am 28 weeks pregnant and am starting to feel very nervous.

After some special time with Kyle tonight it has suddenly dawned on me that I’m coming close to the time in this pregnancy that I gave birth to him and this has filled me with panic.

I’m actually quite emotional which I think is due to me worrying,what if? which I know I shouldn’t but its easier said than done, I don’t want to have to go through all the worry and heartache again and the thought of it has been bringing up past emotions.

Its also making me quite snappy and short tempered (sorry hubby) so at the moment i’m a nightmare to be around, crying one minute and being a bitch the next. I’m finding things / people are annoying me when normally they wouldn’t  (I would just like to point out this isn’t like me, i’m normally quite chilled)

This next week is full of hospital, midwife and consultant appointments so I’m hoping I will feel re-assured after speaking to them and maybe be a bit nicer to be around when i’m not so tense.

Until then, i’m off to pack my hospital bag ……. just in case.

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