29 weeks

Posted on September 29, 2012


This week has been a little bit hectic pregnancy wise, with blood tests, consultant apps, midwife apps, local midwife apps – Jeez.

You see because of my premature history I’m under a special consultant who is based at the hospital about 30 mins from home. I’m classed as out of area as there is another hospital 5 mins from home but it doesn’t have the correct equipment etc for a special care unit.

I therefore have to see two sets of people, the consultants and midwives at the hospital where I shall be giving birth and the local midwives who will be monitoring me locally.

I don’t mind, in all honesty I am very comfortable that I am being provided with the best care, just this week it seems they ALL wanted to see me and it was an appointment for each.

All checks and discussions etc went well, the only concern is that I’m measuring a bit big so I have been asked to attend a few more regular check ups just to make sure I’m not showing any signs of early labour.

So all I need to do now is put my feet up (yeah right) and get rest. Well at least take it slow between now and 36 weeks, then I will no longer be a concern.

Legs crossed!!!

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