Boys Tights – How do you wear yours.

Posted on October 23, 2012


I have been a big fan of boys tights recently and I have to say Nate really loves wearing his!  I think they are a great idea as not only do they look funky but keep him lovely and warm throughout these cold months. I have however been shocked by some peoples reactions. “A boy in tights?” “But what what can they wear with them, tights are for skirts”

Nate wears his tights with a combination of outfits, with dungarees, shorts, under trousers (when its especially cold) but the most simple and common outfit is simply with a top or a T-shirt.

With the new season Slugs and Snails tights about to hit the shops I thought I would share with you the outfits Nate will be rocking this season.

Tights: Ivor – from Slugs and Snails 
Tops: Both Green Baby from KyNa Boutique 

Tights: Fun Guy from Slugs and snails
Tops: Giraffe applique by Ava&Luc and “We run the show” by Indikidual. Both from KyNa Boutique.

The waistcoat in this outfit would be worn with a simple white shirt.

Tights : Ahoy from Slugs and Snails 
Tops: T Rex applique by Ava&Luc and Indikidual waistcoat. Both from KyNa Boutique.

So what do you think? They go with anything right!! So what you waiting for, let make these little boys, snug, warm and fashionable.

Disclosure: KyNa Boutique is a company owned by myself.

Badge for TTT, Badge

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