Birthday Wish List

Posted on October 26, 2012


Its less than a month until my birthday and to be honest I really don’t have much luck with them. The last few birthdays have been spent pregnant, breaking down in tears with PND, in hospital with N and getting stuck in a tube door after getting a little to tipsy.

So I’ve been putting a little list together of things that would make me happy this year.

Top of my list is this …

not just any cake, but ice cream cake. I have a real thing for ice cream at the moment and there is a marble slab creamery quite close that makes fantastic cakes and designs. hmmm  But would you put candles on it??

From the hubby….

I have a real thing for skulls so when I saw these  (by Rachel Morrish) in my friend Kaisa’s shop I knew I had to have them. Amazing right!

From mum …

and the matching dressing gown, Gonna need something snug an easy for hospital.

The other things on my list are some ‘me’ time to have my hair, nails, facial etc and a nice meal with the hubby … just us 🙂

Fingers crossed!

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