36 Weeks pregnancy diary

Posted on November 17, 2012


Its been weeks since I have wrote a blog post, mainly cos I was getting sick of typing the same things, in the risky period, I’m nervous etc, So if I was fed up of writing them then I’m sure you would have been bored of reading them!

Also I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and its easier to hide away isn’t it??

Well here I am back again at 36 weeks!!  I made it this far and now I feel like I can start to get excited for the arrival of my little man.

The last 4 weeks I have been emotional, moody, scared, you name it! and had a couple of on edge days with contractions but all is good.

At my last check up I am still measuring big (2 weeks ahead) and was told the little man is back2back which explains the blooming back ache. I’m hoping he turns before I go into labour and have been told a few things to try to help this.

I am now allowed to come off “rest” so have been making the most of it by going out with hubby and popping to the Christmas market with the boys.

I’m even going to treat you with a picture

So here is me ….. excuse the background


and here is my 36 week bump

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