Hugo’s Birth Story

Posted on January 9, 2013


A few people have asked me to share details of my labour and to be honest I have thought hard about writing this blog.  Hugo’s birth wasn’t a very good experience and I was a little angry about it all.

However I have decided that its better to get it out than keep my frustrations to myself, so here goes….

Its no secret that being a week overdue I was frustrated and VERY big! It had become a struggle to move and my hormones  had gone into overdrive so I would cry at anything – I was ready to have this baby.

On Fri 21st Dec I attended my consultant appointment and had discussions about being induced. We agreed that it would be best to wait until after Christmas for an induction to give the baby chance to arrive on his own. The consultant then gave me a sweep to help encourage some movement, I was already 2cm dilated and fully engaged so she was hopeful that this would be the kick start I needed.

We then discussed making sure I got myself off to hospital rather quickly when labour starts as I live 40 mins away and both previous labours have been very fast (under 5 hours).

It wasn’t until Saturday evening that anything started to happen, after a hot bath I had my show – (I have to say this is a little bit yucky and didn’t happen in my other two labours) and started having a few mild contractions. So I took myself off to bed for a lay down.

At midnight I woke up with mild contractions and within 30 mins they had become v strong and only 3 minutes apart.

My husband called the hospital to let them know we were on our way – and of we went.  On arriving at the hospital I was taken to a delivery room and said that my midwife would be along in a minute. Now I don’t really have any concept of timings etc but it seemed to take a LONG time. A support nurse arrived first whom I asked for Gas & Air and was told I couldn’t have any until I had been examined by a midwife as its not needed until 4cm dilated.

At this point I explained that the previous day I was dilated and that I have very fast labours – the nurse replied with “you can be dilated for days, it doesn’t mean anything” She was really quite rude and My hubby commented on her attitude after she left. From this point I think I knew that I had a battle on my hands.

Anyway, the midwife came an examined me and said I was 3cm, nearly 4 & I could have some Gas etc and that she would be back to check on me in 3 hrs and off she went.

Not long after we buzzed as I was in agony & really needed something stronger – the support nurse came again and said I couldn’t have anything as I wasn’t dilated enough – I kept saying I was in so much pain and the Gas wasn’t touching it anymore and was met with the following responses “Its because its your third baby, they get more painful” and ” Your baby is slightly back2back so that explains it” It was only after I gave her the look of the devil that she called the midwife to check me out again – I was 7cm dilated.

It was agreed I could have pethidine ( I didn’t want an epidural) so I was given some and again left.  In what seemed like no time at all I had the urge to push so we buzzed… they came … told me I couldn’t be ready and went again …. so we buzzed again. At this point when they both came I was adamant that I was ready to push, I kept going on, In fact Im sure I swore at them. I was examined and fully dilated so was told I could push.  Thank the lord.  3 pushes and the big man was out (I actually think he was half out already!)

He was born at 5:15 am on Sunday 23rd December.

The support midwife came over to me and said “ooh well done, he is a very big baby, you did so well to get him out” at that point I was full of emotion, anger and adrenalin so replied with a simple “F*ck off”

On reading my labour notes after they have detailed the first stage of labour as 1hr 20 mins. The second stage as 10mins and the final stage as 4 mins.  As I said my concept of time had gone, I just knew it was happening fast.

Another midwife came on duty in the morning – who was lovely – and was very apologetic of my experience.

Its now been two and a bit weeks and I have to say that Im feeling like my old self again, I have energy, I can move and best of all I can wrestle with the boys.

I will leave you with this picture – I squeezed his hand so hard I left an impression! Bless him.