Poorly little man

Posted on January 22, 2013


If you follow me on twitter you will know that Hugo has been admitted to hospital.

Just over a week ago I took Hugo to the local A&E department as he had been very unsettled, he seemed in pain whenever his legs were touched and in the evening we noticed that his ankle had now swollen up and was bright red.

Whilst at A&E his knee had also begun to swell up however the triage nurse was sure it was just eczema that had become inflamed. We waited for a Dr to come and see us and this is where the nightmare began.

He examined his ankle and suggested that it was inflamed eczema but when I pointed out his knee was swollen too he agreed that this wasn’t the case and we needed to be seen by a pediatrician. This is when we were admitted to the children’s ward.

Nobody seemed concerned until the results of his blood tests came back, the look on their face said it all.

The infection marker in his blood was 300, a normal marker is 10, at this point it went from him being monitored to going for scans, ultrasounds a lumbar puncture, you name it he had it and then he was started on some antibiotics.

The next 24/ 48 hrs were the longest days of my life, waiting for results, waiting to find out what was wrong with my boy. Then they came.

It wasn’t meningitis – phew

It was a severe blood infection caused by the bacteria we all carry in our bodily fluids that had somehow entered his blood stream. They also thought that his bones might be infected and that’s why he had swellings.  He would need more scans for this.

After a day it was decided that he needed specialist care so we were transferred to the Children’s hospital in Sheffield.

The care he has received has been fantastic, we have now had more tests and had it confirmed that his knee bone is infected – there are still more tests to do as there are concerns around whether his immune system functions correctly – but for now he is responding well to treatment and his infection marker has come down to 46.

He will be on antibiotics for the next 5 weeks and has had an operation to fit a pick line to administer these direct to his blood stream.

I just hope he comes home soon

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