Hugo – 1 month

Posted on January 28, 2013


The last 5 weeks have gone like a whirlwind and I really can’t believe my little man is a month old already.

He has only spent 3 weeks at home before he became ill and got taken back in, but he is now getting stronger every day and we are all looking forward to the day that we will all be under one roof again.

Hugo blog 4


Hugo Blog 2

I have seen him grow and change so much recently, he has put on loads of weight and has now started kicking and waving his arms around all the time. His facial expressions are so delightful and very often cracks a smile – which I have to admit melts my heart.

He has become very well known in the hospital amongst the nursing staff for his ability to down a bottle within a few minutes and is famous for his wardrobe collection – he has the name of the most stylish baby – well I need someone to showcase KyNa for me :))

hugo blog


hugo blog 1

I can see a clear difference in him from the pictures 🙂

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