Home is in sight

Posted on February 11, 2013


Today Hugo has been in hospital for 4 weeks and two days, 1 week and two days longer than he came home for!

Today we had some good news!! Hugo is doing very well so is expected to come home on Wednesday.  He has had his drip taken out and a community nurse has been booked to visit daily to administer his IV drugs until the end of February, that right his line will be left in!

This is something that I am very nervous about incase it gets caught, think he might be wearing his Slugs & Snails every day to keep it covered up (his line is in his leg) and to reduce temptation of him grabbing it.

He will also have two other oral medicines each day which I will be able to administer. Once all his treatment has finished He will return to hospital for kidney scans to see if the swelling has reduced.

He will also be monitored by immunology just to see how he copes with his immunizations & any other bugs he may pick up so it seems we are still at the beginning of a long journey, but I’m happy to walk that path any day to have my beautiful boy at home 🙂

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