The NHS.

Posted on February 13, 2013


The NHS has been in the news a lot recently, actually I think its always in the news for some reason or an other, mainly because something has gone wrong – what we don’t tend to hear about are the good news stories and we certainly don’t reward the staff enough for the hard work and commitment they show to the job.

I was brought up in an NHS family so know all to well of the sacrifices these people make to make sure that they don’t let the patients down. I don’t think my mum ever had a day off sick whilst working at the children’s hospital – the same hospital that we are in some 20 years later!

I’ve seen the Nurse who slept on a fold down bed (and wear paper pants the next day, but that’s another story) because it had started to snow, and even though she could get home, didn’t want to risk not being able to get back the following day to work her shift.

The Nurse who sat and held a little girls hand all night because she was scared and missed her mummy.

The Nurse who helped a little boy learn to walk on his false legs for the first time, who showed him encouragement and praise even though he was scared and who cried with joy when he took his first steps.

The Nurse who held a mother after losing her child.

The Doctor’s who dressed up as clowns to entertain the children and bring a smile to their face.

The Nurses who remained calm when dealing with abuse from parents.

The Nurses who got covered in sick but still carried on.

The Doctors and Nurses who saved my son’s life (and so many others)

I’m thankful that we have the NHS and to all the Doctors and Nurses for the care that they have shown me (except for the evil one that woke me up every morning) and Hugo.

They really don’t get rewarded enough for what they do, its often lost in the politics of hospital budgets and bed shortages.

So a big Thankyou from me and all my boys – I think you are amazing!


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