Posted on February 25, 2013


I’m on a mission to find me again, I’m not just a mum I’m me!!

Today I posted a picture of myself on instagram, I was feeling a bit blue. Its been 9 weeks since I had H and I have a stone to lose! Before you all say it, I know, I have just had a baby and it takes time to get back into shape.

But tonight looking in the mirror I didn’t see “me” looking back. With the other two children I pretty much slipped back to my post pregnancy figure straight away so the fact that its not happened this time has annoyed me.

You see I am pretty vain, you know the kind of person who doesn’t leave the house without make up and I have NEVER done the school run without doing my hair first – this is me, the me I’m use to, the me thats not always tired and had time for yoga, the me that Im going to find again.

So now I have a plan, I’m not going to be silly, and i’m certainly not going to diet – I love my food tooooo much, but I am going to find me. Which means toning my ass up & starting to get myself back in shape.

Each day I am going to spend 30 minutes doing something for me, yoga, face mask, running, reading a book. The Boys & KyNa can wait, for 30 mins I will switch off.

I have set myself a target to be back In shape by June, so keep reading to find out how Im doing, and if you have any sensible ideas to help me along the way then please give me a shout.

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