Hugo’s First Review

Posted on February 26, 2013


Today was our first review with Hugo’s consultants since being discharged from hospital.

We are now part of the medical research area as his illness is very rare in babies, there has only been one other case in a child under the age of one that they know of, so EVERYONE was interested in him.

This meant that what should have been an hour appointment turned into 4 hours as more and more tests were done just to make sure.

The conclusion:

His bloods came back fine so show no sign of infection. This means that they are happy for the IV anti B to be stopped.

An X Ray of his ankle shows a scar to his bone, whilst this isn’t a major concern we need to keep an eye on him as he starts to walk/ pull himself up as this area could be weaker and more prone to injury.

He still needs a kidney scan and as he has now stopped his IV meds this will be arranged. He will continue on oral meds for his kidney until after this scan ( in a months time)

His line will be left in until Monday, this week is kind of a test. The Dr’s are very happy with him but are being cautious. It was decided to leave his line in for a week “just in case” anything came back or the infection was hiding. If this is the case then they can give him IV meds quickly without the need for an operation.

So I’m a bit nervous, I want to get through this weeks as quickly as possible so we know he will be ok. On the plus side the nurse will continue to come every day to flush his line through so I have that reassurance should anything happen.

Fingers crossed.

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