Posted on March 6, 2013


Today I am a proud mummy, Today I am happy, Today I feel that after the past 8 years of hard work and heartache we have achieved something.

You see today was parents evening for my biggest boy and he is doing well. He isn’t one of those children that can just do anything it takes him (and me) a lot of time and effort, but he is now achieving what he should be for his age.

We have come a long long way over the years and to be told today what a well mannered boy he is made my heart melt.

You see, for those that don’t know, Kyle was born premature and was starved of oxygen at birth. This left a “flash” on his brain that we had to wait to see whether it would close up or not. It did and he wasn’t left with any permanent brain damage.

He was however left with learning difficulties. The flash was on the side of his brain that controlled fine motor skills and from this moment on he has faced a challenge almost every day of his life.

Kyle was well over 1 before he crawled and didn’t take a step until after his 2nd birthday. He had a number of speech issues and didn’t utter a word until he started nursery at 3 years old. His reading and writing have always been hard work and this really frustrated him.

He found everything hard and really struggled to make progress. That’s why today I am the proudest I have ever been. His teacher let me know that he is exactly at the level that he should be for his age and is doing very well.

The Dr’s always told me that he would eventually catch up and today it seems he’s done it!

The last 8 years haven’t been easy and we have both put in a lot of hard work.  So thank you Kyle for making mummy proud. We did it!!


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