Hugo: Discharge letter

Posted on March 15, 2013


Hugo’s discharge letter arrived yesterday and it wasn’t a very easy read. It wasn’t really anything new but  seeing it all wrote down really made it hit home just how close we came to losing the little man.

It opens with his diagnosis –
Staph aureus septicaemia
Urinary tract infections
Mildly dilated renal pelvis (awaiting scans)
Recurrent Klebsiella in urine (can be caused by numerous anti B’s)

Due to the severity of his infection he required IV anti B for 6 weeks in hospital and a further 2 weeks IV at home.

From his renal tract point of view he has had an initial infection caused by the Staph infection then became clear for a few weeks before growing the Klebsiella bug in his waters. This bug is quite common with people who are in hospital for a number of weeks or on anti B for a number of weeks.

He is having ongoing treatment for these bugs until he goes for scans at the end of the month to do further kidney investigations.

He is also being monitored by immunology who have said they are happy that his immune system seems ok however he will need his immune system checking properly once he has had all his baby immunizations.

The letter closes with “at the moment we have no evidence that he has an underlying immune deficiency , I think he was just unlucky in acquiring the Staph Aureus at such a young age which unfortunately went on to cause him multi system disease”

So there you have it – this letter was the first time that his illness had been called septicemia, we always knew it was a blood infection, and I know that is what septicemia is but to see it all written down really took my breath away.

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