Kidney tests

Posted on March 27, 2013


Yesterday was Hugo’s Kidney tests, we had been waiting for him to be over 3 months in age to have these tests as they carry a high probability to cause a water infection.

The test involved him having a cathetar fitted, his bladder drained and then filled with a coloured liquid so they could see where everything went.

His bladder was then drained again so they could watch what was happening.

The whole process really didn’t last very long.

We were then told that one of Hugo’s tubes from his willy to his kidney had narrowed/ thinned and this was causing leakage of urine back towards his kidneys.

He now has to take increased anti b for a week to try and combat any infection and then back to his care dose of a small amount every day.

We will be having an appointment with Hugo’s consultant over the next few weeks for them to explain exactly what this means long term. However the Doctor who did the scan really didn’t seem to concerned. I think they were expecting much worse.

So now is the waiting game until we see a consultant – we knew with how poorly he was initially that there may be further problems due to how far the infection had spread so we will just carry on as normal.

The outcome could have been much worse so I will continue to look for the positive in everything – he is a very happy little boy and this is enough for me.

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