Bells Palsy – One year on.

Posted on April 6, 2013


It has now been exactly one year since I had Bells Palsy. I have to admit it was a horrible, scary experience and every time I get a little twinge I am so scared it will come back.

Everyone always tells me you can’t tell that I had it, and to be honest when I look in the mirror everything has pretty much returned to normal.

The muscles on that side of my face have repaired, however they are weaker than previously. This doesn’t really cause me a problem and is only really noticeable when I yawn. You see when I’m really tired one side of my face yawns more than the other.

I still also have a but of my chin that has limited movement – again you can’t notice it to look at me, but I am aware that it is there. You see there are no lines. I always wonder if when I grow older and get wrinkles it will become more noticeable but we will see with time I suppose.

I also have to be very careful in the cold as that side of my face is more sensitive than the other and a cold wind on my face sends pins and needles which can be quite painful.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with the recovery I made, things could have been much worse, and like I said before you can’t tell to look at me that I ever had it, I’m just aware of the little quirks it left behind.


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