Posted on April 25, 2013


It has now been 4 months since we became a family of 5.

4 months of getting used to being a mother of 3 children.

of the boys getting to know each other,

of school and nursery runs,

of Nate’s tantrums,

of Kyle “playing” at being dad,

of tears, thinking I can’t do this,

of feeling guilty that I let my little man get so poorly,

of feeling like I have let him down for not being able to breast feed,

of trying to split myself between all 3 children.


Being a parent is bloody hard but this week I feel like I have turned a corner. My Dr has been great and has shown me so much support since Hugo came home.

This week I have started to enjoying being a mum of 3, I have found my place in the family and the time to be me. I found my little bit of happiness again.






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