Matilda Mae

Posted on May 9, 2013


I’m sure you all know Matilda now, the most beautiful star in the sky and her amazing mum Jennie.

I first met Jennie virtually through the charity Bliss, as you all know K was premature so the work that Jen was doing really touched me. She has to be one of the nicest ladies I have spoken to, always thinking about others.

I heard about Matilda whilst in hospital with H, that moment changed me. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. Yes it was unfair that he had Septacemia, but he was here and fighting it, something Matilda never got the chance to do.

At that moment I decided that when H was well again I would do everything I could to help Jennie, so following H’s first week allowed out in public, we are tomorrow walking a mile in the memory of Matilda.

I’m hoping the weather holds out otherwise I will have two grumpy babies with me, but come rain or shine we will be there.

If you would like to sponsor us then please follow this link.


thank you xx

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