Hugo: Orthopedic 3 month review

Posted on June 17, 2013


Last night I didn’t sleep, I spent most of the night worrying what today would bring.

You see today was Hugo’s leg X-rays to see if the infection in his bones had led to any long term problems.

At his last review 3 months ago their was sign of scarring on his ankle bone so there was concerns that this would still be there which in turn could lead to problems crawling and walking.

So I was a little nervous, I shouldn’t have been, but thats the mother in me I suppose.

We arrived early so Hugo could be taken to x-ray, I held him, he screamed, I felt guilty, but after 20 minutes we were done and off to see the consultant.

The consultant was so happy to see us, the x-rays came straight through on his PC, bloody amazing thing technology!, and after he had a good feel of Hugo’s legs and ankles he showed me the X-rays.

All came back clear, not a sign of any scarring, it was fantastic. Im not ashamed to say at that point I was trying not to cry – My little boy was ok.

The consultant just wanted to make sure he could weight bare before he discharged us, which Hugo did and proceeded to head butt the consultant – Ha.

So thats it, discharged from orthopedic care – Just the kidneys to go now!

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