Britmums – What it meant for me.

Posted on June 24, 2013


So Friday saw me travelling to London to attend the Britmums Live conference. I was filled with mixed emotion, nerves, excitement would hubby be ok with the boys, would the boys be ok with the hubby! you know those kind of feelings. It also taught me a lot about myself!

The train journey down was fine, although it was running a little late so I had to drop my bags and head straight over to the venue.

I hadn’t arranged to meet anyone, however I did know a few people going so wasn’t to concerned.

I was met with a room full of mostly friendly faces so I headed for the one I knew – the beautiful Aimee Horton – God I love that girl!

It was so lovely to catch up with old friends, meet new friends, put faces to twitter handles and be in a room full of people I respect.

I didn’t go to all the sessions, sometimes I just chilled in the hub. But I was pretty proud of myself i have to say. You see this time last year I would never have walked into that room on my own!

Somehow when I gave up my career in financial services I gave up my confidence also, I knew the financial world inside out so nothing really phased me much, I had an identity, I was a person in my own right.

3 years later and I have found that person again, I am happy in my own skin, I am happy being me.  At times over the weekend I was on my own, just browsing in the hub and I felt ok, not nervous or scared. But me!

So whats changed in the lat 3 years? Well I’ve had more children, made some truly amazing friends over the inter webs that I know are always there, and thanks to my husband for giving me the push I need I set up KyNa – doing something I totally love.

Him, YOU, KyNa – you have all given me that bit of me back. So THANKYOU and see you next year!


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