What’s in a name

Posted on June 26, 2013


I often wonder when the boys grow up if they will thank us for being different. I don’t mean crazy different, just unique in their names.

I always wanted my children to be the only one in their class or year to have their name. It used to frustrate me when I was younger with so many people being called “Jenny” in my year so I wanted to give them a unique name that was special but also different.

I was also influenced by many different factors along the way, mainly trashy TV, which had a huge impact on my choices and that I wanted short names.

Kyle James:
At the time of naming Kyle, footballers wives was on TV and the character played by Gary Lucy was called Kyle. I loved that show! and at the time no-one else I knew was called Kyle, perfect!
James is one of my father’s middle names and a name that runs in his family.

Nate Paul:
Hmm a bit of a trend here, at the time of naming Nate, The Bill was my must watch show and one of the characters was called Nate.I really loved the name and knew of no-one else called it. Our families though we were crazy and openly told us they weren’t keen on the name but we loved it.
Paul was my husband’s fathers name so we gave as Nate’s middle name in remembrance of him.

Hugo Kirk:
We really struggled with Hugo’s name, after having two boys already the unique names were in short supply. A few names got bounced around but we couldn’t decide on any. My Grandfather was called Hugh and I wanted to include that in some way. Then we went shopping! Hubby is a huge Hugo Boss fan and it just kind of fitted.  Its quite funny really to think he wears our sons name on his boxers! ha!
Kirk again is one of my fathers (and brothers) middle names and again one that runs in his family.


looking at them now I can’t imagine them being called anything else, they seem to own their name.  I imagine Kyle becoming a great scientist, Nate an amazing  footballer and Hugo doing something theatrical, don’t you just think their names will be well suited?


This post was written for Edspire’s linky to win a bag named after her beautiful daughter Matilda Mae.

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