Hugo: Update

Posted on July 14, 2013


Hugo is now almost 7 Months old, I know where did that time go??

He is sitting, laughing, rolling, smiling, being totally adorable and weighing in over 20lb!

I have almost forgotten about the horrible start to life that he had. I say almost as this week we received THE letter. The one we had been waiting for.

Hugo has been requested to attend an Isotope examination. At the end of July we will be attending the hospital for a whole day.

He will have a cannula fitted and a small injection of a radioactive tracer. We will then be asked to return after 3 hours when the tracer has had time to work through his body.

He will then have pictures taken of how the tracer has worked through his kidneys.

We won’t get any results from these tests until we attend a follow up clinic which may be some weeks later.

These are the tests we have been waiting for, the ones which will show us the exact nature of damage to his kidneys. Receiving this letter has set of a whole range of emotions.

You see at the moment I can happily live in my own little world thinking everything will be ok, but soon we will know what the future holds and to be honest that scares the shit out of me.


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