Hugo’s Kidney tests – Part 1

Posted on July 27, 2013


Yesterday was the day I had been dreading for a long time.

I had been doing everything I could to avoid thinking about it, but i knew it would arrive.

And it did

Yesterday Hugo had his kidney tests.

We arrived at the hospital nice and early so that he could have a cannula fitted. Their first reaction was “oh dear, he is a lovely chubby baby, it will be hard to find a vein” and it was!

After two attempts the registrar was called to have a go, luckily for Hugo he got a line in straight away.

We were then off to the x-ray dept to have some radioactive dye put in his line.

This was a pretty painless exercise and once complete his cannula was removed.

We were then asked to go away and come back after 3.5 hrs do give the dye chance to get into his system, so we did what any “normal” adult would do and headed off to the pub to meet some friends.

Once we returned to the hospital Hugo was strapped into a sort of crib in a HUGE machine and pushed through it a number of times while lots of pictures and videos were taken.

And that was it … I kept looking at the radiographer for any clue as to what the scans showed but he wasn’t giving anything away.

So now we wait…. until Sept, when we meet with his consultant to discuss the results.

Fingers crossed.


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