Hugo’s Results

Posted on September 2, 2013


Today was the day.

After a long 6 weeks wait and a sleepless night we rolled up at the hospital ready to hear what our future holds.

Typically the consultant was running an hour late and Hugo was getting a little fed up by the time we were called in.

The consultant was lovely and very happy to see us. Hugo was a delight, happy and smiling and let them measure and weigh him.  My giant baby is even more giant now!!

The consultant then went into the details of the kidney scans.

Hugo’s kidneys show scarring which has been left from infection. His left Kidney is more damaged than his right.

Hugo’s left kidney is doing 25% of the work and his right doing 75%.

At the moment this isn’t causing him problems but as he grows older (bigger) his kidney’s will have to work harder and they can’t say how they will cope.

Sometimes in cases like these the kidneys continue to manage fine, but they can also struggle.

The most likely time for problems to occur would be when he hits puberty.

Kidney problems also bring with them high blood pressure which again can put further strain on his kidneys.

Hugo will remain on a care dose of antibiotics for at least the next 3 years. This is to protect his kidneys whilst he is still in nappies.

He will have blood tests for kidney functions every 6 months and his blood pressure will be regularly checked to make sure it isn’t increasing.

We have been advised that any signs of temperature and illness should be checked out with a water sample. We need to act quickly to avoid any further damage from a water infection.

So there it is, but you know what, I will take the rough with the smooth.

8 months ago i never thought I would get to see his happy smiling face, to see him crawl, laugh, play with his brothers.

I am lucky, Hugo is my special boy who is never far from my side and I love him dearly.

He will be fine, we will be fine.. because we will embrace this and continue to make sure that all the boys will live a happy childhood.

Thank you to all of you who sent me a message today, it really touched me and helped me understand.  Thank you xx


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