Does it ever get easier?

Posted on October 3, 2013


Today I dropped Nate off at nursery, bottom lip wobbling and all nervous.

It was time for nursery again, he normally loves it nut since the “big computer” has been broken there hasn’t been a distraction for when I left.

Tugging on my heart strings I left him. so so hard.

Does it ever get easier??  I fear not.

At 8 my eldest still has wobbles, days he just wants to be with mummy.

I remind he is my big brave boy and will have so much fun.

Head held high he walks down the school path, not looking back for fear or crying.

At that very moment my heart breaks, the hardest thing is to see your child upset.

But just as I tell my boys, head held high I carry on with my day.

Until i collect their happy smiling faces at the end of the day. My heart swells with pride.

They made it through the day, the shakey mornings a distant memory.


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