Today – My little star

Posted on November 19, 2013


Today was Hugo’s Immunolgy appointment.

As explained yesterday this is the first time Hugo has been seen by them since he had septacemia.

The Dr checked him over and went over all his results from the previous visits and was very very pleased with him.

His weight is on the 91st centile and height still just off the scale! he was happy and laughing and playing.

The Dr commented how nice it was to see him (and us) with Hugo being so well after the horrible start he had to his life.

She explained that Hugo would have some blood tests to see if there was an IG in his immune system ( I have no idea what IG is)

The tests he had when he was ill back in those early days should only a trace of IG. However she did say that this isn’t unusual in young babies before immunizations.

If Hugo falls within normal levels then he won’t need any further tests. If not then it will be checked every 6 months when his kidneys are checked.

So now we just wait and see…… in the meantime we get to enjoy his first birthday, a day i never thought we would see, a day I am truly grateful of x

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