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December 21, 2013


I often wonder when I will stop worrying. When these irrational thoughts will go away. I know it seems crazy but I am still so scared that Hugo will get ill again. The last week he had a sickness bug (as did all the boys) After a couple of days he was well again but […]

Today – My little star

November 19, 2013


Today was Hugo’s Immunolgy appointment. As explained yesterday this is the first time Hugo has been seen by them since he had septacemia. The Dr checked him over and went over all his results from the previous visits and was very very pleased with him. His weight is on the 91st centile and height still […]


November 18, 2013


Well it seems I have become a bit of a lazy blogger, shame on me! Life the boys and the business are taking up all my time at the moment but I still have this little space for when I need to just get the thoughts out of my head. Tomorrow Hugo will be attending […]

Hugo’s Results

September 2, 2013


Today was the day. After a long 6 weeks wait and a sleepless night we rolled up at the hospital ready to hear what our future holds. Typically the consultant was running an hour late and Hugo was getting a little fed up by the time we were called in. The consultant was lovely and […]

6 Weeks Later

September 1, 2013


Its been a whole 6 weeks since I last wrote in here. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, which to be honest hasn’t been to hard with the school holidays. We’ve had day trips, play dates and holidays but at the back of my mind has always been Hugo’s results. Tomorrow is THE day! […]

Hugo’s Kidney tests – Part 1

July 27, 2013


Yesterday was the day I had been dreading for a long time. I had been doing everything I could to avoid thinking about it, but i knew it would arrive. And it did Yesterday Hugo had his kidney tests. We arrived at the hospital nice and early so that he could have a cannula fitted. […]

Hugo: Update

July 14, 2013


Hugo is now almost 7 Months old, I know where did that time go?? He is sitting, laughing, rolling, smiling, being totally adorable and weighing in over 20lb! I have almost forgotten about the horrible start to life that he had. I say almost as this week we received THE letter. The one we had […]