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Skull Saturday

March 31, 2012


Every week I admire the skulls over at Mum on the Run and promise to join in, being a Skull fan myself. So when I got a bit chilly today and reached for my McQueen It was the perfect opportunity to get snapping.   This was a gift from my hubby, and is one of my favourite […]

Live Life!

March 31, 2012


Today is a bit of a sad day for me, so I will sulk, be a bit moody & generally not feel like doing anything. Tomorrow I will pick myself back up and remember life is for living and that is what I intend to do every day of mine! 4 years ago a very […]

Sunflower diary-week 1

March 29, 2012


No. 10 on my 35 at 35 list was to grow a sunflower without killing it, so when Kyle brought one home from school that he had planted in class I saw the perfect opportunity. Ok so Kyle had already planted it and given it a really good start in life :), so all I […]

Catch up with friends

March 28, 2012


Im linking up again this week with Translantic Blonde for her “What I wore Wednesday”. This week I met a few friends for coffee, well I say coffee, I don’t even like the stuff but you get what I mean. So here I am, in jeans (again). If you look carefully you can just see […]

Trendy Toddler Tuesday – A day in the park.

March 27, 2012


Its been so sunny over the weekend so we took the boys to the park to have a kick about with a ball, Nate really loves football and Kyle really loves his little brother 🙂 As they were playing I snapped away & got some lovely pictures, I thought this one was just perfect to […]

35 at 35….

March 26, 2012


Ok so I passed the 30 milestone (I know I still look like a teenager, right?) and looking back I feel like i’ve kind of wasted some of my life, there is so much I want to do and see. I decided to create some goals to work towards before I hit my next milestone, […]

Silent Sunday

March 25, 2012